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Filtered Through the Lens of the Gospel

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We welcome you to a place where you can find healing from the past, acceptance of the present and redemption for your future. Our mission at Noonday Therapeutic Center is for you to live an abundant life as God intended.



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The ability to pay attention despite distractions leads to improved productivity at school, work, sports and home.
There is a clear path from the trauma of the past to a recovery that brings peace and healing.
Expressing anger in a constructive way allows you to feel the emotion without allowing it to hijack your life.
Learning to adjust to difficult change brings relief and comfort so that we can embrace the opportunity to grow.
Finding coping skills and strategies that allow the body and mind to manage stress leads to more peace for you and those you love.

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The science of mental health is growing by leaps and bounds, and Noonday is the first therapeutic center in Northeast Alabama to offer many of the latest advancements in treatment. We will work with you to determine what treatments would enhance and quicken your recovery.


Electroencephalogram biofeedback allows therapist to assess and retrain brainwave activity to improve behavior disorders, attention deficit, insomnia, cognitive deficits, anxiety and more.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing allows patients to access and process traumatic memories and bring them to resolution.

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Call our office (256-613-2678 Gadsden / 205-588-6527 Trussville / 256-613-2678 Oxford) to schedule an initial intake visit.

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During your intake visit, discuss the circumstances you are facing and how we can help.

Step 3

Return for your second visit to meet your therapist and begin your journey to a more fulfilled life.

The Brain Bar

At the brain bar, clients undergo positive neuroplasticity training that enhances the way your nervous system respond to stress.
While you enjoy a relaxing break, this cutting-edge technology improves sleep difficulties, memory and attention, depression and anxiety, chronic pain and headaches along with other autonomic nervous system issues.

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I had heard of play therapy, but I was really amazed how much it helped my son express what it was he was going through. His recovery has been a difficult but amazing journey.

I’ve encouraged every athlete I know to try TrexoTraining. So much of sports is a mental game, and I’ve seen firsthand that the training gives you an extra edge.

We have been through so much as a family, and I really needed a therapist who could help me process it and deal with the stress I was still feeling. Having someone to guide me through these feelings has helped lift the dark cloud that was over me.

What People Are Saying:

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