Professional Psychotherapy/ Counseling

Professional Psychotherapy/ Counseling

Our compassionate and highly-trained therapists are honored to walk with their patients as they mend past hurts and discover a brighter, healthier future. We will work with you to identify problems, explore the root cause of them, and understand how to move forward.

We offer a diverse set of therapies including EMDR, play therapy, attachment-focused therapy and psycho education in our quest to help patients overcome struggles and find better mental health. Some individuals will find it helpful to utilize more than one approach simultaneously.

We believe that through the scriptures, God gives us great insight into who we are and what causes our struggles. It is our goal to help our patients experience the power of Christ in their own lives.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and is considered a best practice therapy for patients who have experienced trauma. When a traumatic experience occurs, the memory can become frozen in time. The brain will then retrieve the memory again and again causing continued trauma, stress and anxiety.

EMDR therapy uses eye movement to help the brain file the memory in a healthier context so the patient can live a happier, less stressful life.

Play Therapy

While children may not be able to express complex emotions, they can often express and process emotions through play. Our therapists use playtime to explore a child’s thoughts and help them develop a healthy outlook as well as proper coping mechanisms.

Attachment-Focused Therapy

Attachment-Focused Therapy helps patients explore early relationships in their lives that may affect their ability to form healthy interpersonal relationships as adults. Fears of abandonment, co-dependency and other negative relationships can be explored and navigated with focused therapy.


The goal of psychoeducation is to help a patient and their family find coping mechanisms to help live a productive live with a mental health diagnosis. This can include positive coping skills, resources, cognitive patterns, and more.