Occupational Therapy at Noonday Therapeutic Center

Occupational Therapy at Noonday Therapeutic Center

What is OT?

Occupational Therapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on helping individuals of all ages overcome challenges in daily activities caused by physical, cognitive, or emotional factors.

At Noonday our OT program uses several different curriculums to implement a therapeutically informed approach as we work with our clients.

Skills we address

  • Self-regulation
  • Independence with activities of daily living
  • Sensory processing
  • Executive functioning
  • Primitive reflex integration

Participating in our OT program might involve incorporating some of the following:

  • Zones of regulation- lessons and activities designed to help children understand emotions, recognize them in themselves and others, and apply coping tools to promote regulation in each “zone”.
  • Interoception- lessons and activities designed to help children understand their body sensations and how to relate to emotions.
  • Brainworks sensory integration- Sensory integration techniques and activities to address self-regulation challenges. These activities may include deep pressure activities, tactile stimulation, movement exercises, and other sensory experiences tailored to an individual’s sensory preferences and needs.
  • Primitive Reflex Integration- The retention of primitive reflexes beyond their typical developmental timeline may heighten stress responses, impairs self-regulation skills, contribute to sensory sensitivities, and impact attention, potentially influencing emotional regulation in individuals. OT can incorporate exercises to assist in integrating any retained reflexes.

If self-regulation is an issue for your child, consider Occupational Therapy to help address their ability to manage and control their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and attention so that they can achieve their goals, cope better with stress, and adapt to various situations.